My Experience at MorHealth was so comforting when I was in a bad place. Riccy was so reassuring, I felt absolutely safe while I was in her care. I had a liver detox and Ozone sauna treatments for 10 sessions, you feel like a million dollars when you walk out. The most amazing part is that I have a breast lump and the lump is getting so much smaller, plus the pain I was experiencing has disappeared. I highly recommend you try the 10 day detox with the ozone sauna. Thank you for your professional care. (jeannedoylepink@gmail.com)


Ozone Sauna Treatment makes you feel like you have just had an intense workout after just sitting back & relaxing in the sauna. Your skin feels soft clean & smooth. After a number of sessions you feel more & more energized & alive. I felt like I was sleeping better & feeling awake in the mornings. My oxygen levels went from 94 to 98 percent in the 10 days.


Hi Riccy, I just wanted to say thank you for making my day so special yesterday. I left feeling great – I appreciate it. I will let you know when my next appointment is. A big thanks to you both.



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Health Tips

Good Day Hope you have all been keeping well. Remember your health is your wealth! Today, I would like to give you some interesting websites to visit:  www.keepwell.com www.natureschoice.co.za www.friendswhocare.org   Sometimes when you are struggling with ill health you just do not know where to turn. Today I would like to give you some guidelines

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Welcome to Riccy’s Blog

Hi, I would like to welcome you to my blog. I hope you will find some interesting and helpful tips here. Hogsback is one of my favourite places to go relax and unwind.  In Hogsback you will find an amazing couple who have a gem shop, in this gem shop I found the rules for

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