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Health Tips

Good Day

Hope you have all been keeping well. Remember your health is your wealth!

Today, I would like to give you some interesting websites to visit:


Sometimes when you are struggling with ill health you just do not know where to turn. Today I would like to give you some guidelines when you are faced with illness in your life.

 You always need to keep an openness about yourself, you need to love and respect the unique miracle that you are.  Think big but remember big things are only accomplished when you focus on the small details.

Embrace the difficult times in your life, as these times will make you grow stronger.  Pride is exhausting so get rid of it. Embrace humility and be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind – having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude at all times.  Remember your reaction to situations shows your need.

Embrace each new day, if you are able to wake up early enough to get outside to see a sunrise, or watch a sunset, this will have a direct impact on your pineal gland, and enhance healing.  Look forward to what the day has to offer.

Before you jump out of bed just reflect on what you do not want in your life, think of the feelings this has stirred up in you, focus on what you do not want for a few minutes, then think of what you do want in your life, think how you will feel if you had what you want, involve all your senses in the process.  Then think of who you could help in the day and how you could help that person.  Get excited for what the day has in store for you.

Stay in the moment, do not look back or forward into the future, you only have enough strength for today right now in this moment.  Remember that your life is lived right now at this time.

You have everything that you need right now to be the person you are designed to be.

Yours in good health


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